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Barbara Richardson for Town Council

District 1

When I moved to Jupiter over 26 years ago, the town was a small fishing village.  During my time living here, I raised my family and supported the town as best I could because I knew it was where I wanted to live the rest of my life.  My purpose for running is not to slow progress, but to retain the qualities which make our community unique, like the abundant natural areas, friendly beaches, and clean waterways.  I also feel that our community is safe for families and supportive of our children, and that is another quality I strive to not only maintain but solidify for generations to come.

Jupiter is an amazing place to live, and for that reason we have seen a growth in population.  I have seen this growth even in my own neighborhood, to which I am a board member of the Home Owner’s Association.  Whether it is senior citizens or new families, our town counsel should be dedicated to protecting our citizens, and I believe safety is crucial to our prosperity as a community.

As I run for Town Council, I make this pledge to the citizens of Jupiter:

  1. Safety – I will make public safety a priority.  Town managers will follow Florida Department of Law Enforcement recommendations with regard to police enforcement in Jupiter.
  2. Development – I will work to preserve all natural areas because they are the heart and soul of our town.  I will also work to expand additional natural areas where feasible and without disrupting any economic success we can achieve through our pre-existing infrastructure.
  3. Beaches and waterways – I will work closely with county and State officials to ensure that our beaches and waterways are clean and safe.  Our natural areas give Jupiter life, and our waters are the foundation upon which our town was built, preserving and supporting them is paramount to ensuring that our community continues to thrive.

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Protecting Our Jupiter, Our Paradise

March 8, 2022

Jupiter Town Council
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About Barb

Originally from Great Neck Long Island, NY, Barbara Richardson moved to Boca Raton, FL in 1979 where she attended college and worked various jobs while enjoying the South Florida lifestyle. After marriage and the birth of her son, she and her husband and made the decision to move to Jupiter. “Jupiter has been a great area to raise our son who enjoys playing baseball in college now. My husband has also established his own business in the area.”

Having spent years working in the area and have been involved in various community service and local school programs, Barb gained insight and knowledge about the Jupiter area and the amazing lifestyle that her hometown has to offer. Barb’s passion for the community, the people and her desire, to help others obtain the same dream, brought her more than two years ago, to the decision to enter the real estate profession. “It has been a natural transition for me. I am looking forward to helping you with your real estate needs and beginning your journey to living in Paradise.”

Barbara Richardson Realtor